A Fresh Start After Losing A Tooth

Gibsonton Permanent Tooth Replacement Are you one of the many Gibsonton men and women who has had a tooth extracted?

If the tooth had been bothering you, it may have been a relief. Unless, of course, the tooth was in the front of your mouth and now the gaping hole shows every time you smile. Ignoring it is almost impossible because your tongue can’t leave the gap alone.

I’m Missing a Tooth. Now What?

Once the tooth has been removed, you have many critical decisions to make.

  • Do I want a dental bridge?
  • Is a dental bridge a permanent solution?
  • Do I want to damage two healthy teeth to anchor the bridge?
  • Should I select a partial denture?
  • What about bone loss?

A Better Restoration

What if you could have a fresh start? What if you could have a permanent, natural-looking tooth replacement that would restore your smile and retain the healthy bone and gum tissue around the tooth root? If you decide on a dental implant, you can.

A dental implant is a permanent replacement for all parts of the tooth. It is comprised of three parts: the titanium post, the abutment, and the restoration.

The Titanium Post
—Inserted directly into the jaw bone
—Extremely strong
—Titanium is unique in that it bonds with living bone tissue (also used in knee and hip replacement surgery)

The Abutment
—Can be made of gold, porcelain or titanium
—Permanently attached to the post (it will not slip and slide like dentures)

The Restoration (Crown)
—Usually made of porcelain fused to a metal alloy (PFM)
—Is made to match the color of surrounding teeth
—Will look as good or better than the tooth it replaced

Dental implant surgery is not an experimental treatment. The revolutionary materials and techniques have been tested and refined for several decades.

Additionally, it has been performed by Gibsonton dentists and prosthodontists for over thirty years.

We make patients feel comfortable.


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Can I Go To An Urgent Care Dental Office While I’m Pregnant?

emergency dental clinic Gibsonton

Experiencing any kind of emergency while pregnant can be scary. However, emergencies are sometimes inevitable and it is possible that a woman, while pregnant, might have to go into an urgent dental care practice to be treated.

If there is truly an emergency, it does not matter how far along a woman’s pregnancy is, she should go to urgent care. However, it is good to keep in mind that can potentially be riskier to perform emergency surgeries in the last trimester of a woman’s pregnancy.

There are a number of reasons pregnant women might need to go to an urgent care dental office for a dental emergency. Some instances that constitute a dental emergency include:

  • Knocked out or lost adult teeth
  • Severe tooth or mouth pain
  • Severe infections
  • Emergency root canals
  • Any instances involving excessive bleeding

Conditions that do not constitute a dental emergency include:

Dental complications that can be managed on one’s own should not require pregnant mothers to go to an emergency care dental practice. Additionally, any issues that require an X-ray should be avoided or postponed during pregnancy, unless it is required for the diagnosis and treatment. The main point is that it is okay to go to urgent care during any point in a woman’s pregnancy, however, the later a woman is in her pregnancy the more dangerous it becomes to perform surgeries and undergo certain treatments.

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What to Know About Going to Urgent Care Dental During COVID-19

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COVID-19 has resulted in a lot of changes in society and new rules especially when it comes to urgent care settings. Out of caution, anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 or exhibits symptoms is asked to stay out of urgent care if the problem can be treated through telemedicine.

If you or someone you know has a tooth-related emergency and needs to go to an emergency care dental practice, it is okay to do so, just be sure to exercise caution.

What you need to know:

  • Most, if not all, states require individuals to wear a mask in public settings such as at an urgent care dental office.
  • Some urgent care facilities may also require individuals to wear gloves or at least wash their hands upon arrival.
  • Upon arrival, people will be asked if they have been exposed to COVID-19 or have exhibited symptoms in the last 14 days.
  • If the answer to either of these questions is yes, patients will likely be turned away if their presenting issue is not urgent. If the medical problem requires urgent care, the healthcare provider will isolate the patient and ensure that those who treat the patient have Personal Protective Equipment and follow special procedures.

Urgent care is there for a reason, so use it if you experience a serious dental issue that needs attending to. Dr. Kernagis is available to treat dental emergencies at Your Time Dental Urgent Care. We have extended weekday hours and take weekend appointments. Rest assured that Your Time Dental Urgent Care in Gibsonton has stringent sanitation and infection control protocols.

What constitutes a dental trauma?

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • A cracked or broken tooth
  • Severe infections
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Severe pain
  • Life-threatening emergencies

The bottom line:

Accidents happen and dental emergencies will arise that need to be treated by a dentist. Don’t worry about going to an urgent care dental office if you have a dental trauma that needs to be addressed, just remember to wear a mask and wash or sanitize your hands before and after your visit. Additionally, if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or have been exhibiting symptoms, call before you arrive and the urgent care dental office will give you instructions.


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Urgent Care Dentists Extract Wisdom Teeth

when should you get your wisdom teeth removed? Gibsonton

At Your Time Dental Urgent Care, we offer general, emergency, and cosmetic dental services. One of these services is wisdom teeth removal. We have learned through the years that when it comes to wisdom teeth, there are many common myths. Let’s clear up the confusion.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars in the back of the mouth. It is frequently the case that there is not enough room in the mouth for wisdom teeth to develop correctly.

When is the right time to get your wisdom teeth removed?

First off, it is vital to have semiannual check-ups. This way, your dentist can establish the right time to remove them.

Common misconceptions about wisdom teeth:

1. Everyone has to get their wisdom teeth removed.

Some people’s mouths have enough space that the presence of wisdom teeth does not compromise the space necessary for the other teeth to exist and remain healthy.

2. Getting your wisdom teeth removed means your cheeks will be swollen for a long time.

There are new, advanced drugs that help keep swelling under control. Swelling in the face after getting wisdom teeth removed is normal, but should only last two to three days given the appropriate medication.

3. You should consume beverages through a straw following the procedure instead of normal foods because it will be hard to chew.

While it is recommended that you avoid solid or hard foods following getting your wisdom teeth removed, you should not consume your food through a straw. Drinking through a straw can lead to dry sockets.

4. By looking at an X-ray, your dentist can predict exactly when your wisdom teeth will come in.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict how quickly wisdom teeth will move or emerge.

5. All wisdom teeth will eventually erupt.

Some never poke through the gums.

6. Dry sockets after wisdom teeth removal are inevitable.

A small percentage of patients develop dry sockets.

What are dry sockets? 

A dry socket is a dental condition that can occur within a few days after having an adult tooth removed. A dry socket is when nerves or bone are exposed rather than a blood clot forming over the site of a tooth that was removed. It can result in great pain and can be treated with painkillers and by flushing out the exposed area.

To recap:

More often than not, wisdom teeth will need to be removed because there is not enough space in the mouth for them to develop normally. Most individuals go under anesthesia to get their wisdom teeth pulled, and do not see any side effects after the procedure beyond swelling and pain for two to three days. However, dry sockets may take place if proper care is not taken following the procedure. Wisdom teeth often erupt in the late teens or early twenties. Some people need their wisdom teeth taken out even if they don’t erupt. Wisdom teeth removal is a safe procedure and there are generally few complications.

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If My Tooth Gets Knocked Out, Can A Dentist Put It Back In?

urgent dental clinic Gibsonton

Accidents happen, and sometimes teeth get knocked out. Unlike other types of injuries–say a cut or a broken bone–a knocked out tooth doesn’t heal on its own.

Urgent care medical clinic or hospital emergency department? Neither.

If your tooth gets knocked out, your first thought may be to race to an urgent care medical clinic. Or you might go straight to a hospital ER.

If you go to the emergency department at any Florida hospital, you probably won’t find an oral surgeon. We are not aware of any Tampa area hospitals that keep an oral surgeon on staff. The same goes for urgent care medical clinics in the area.

Since it can be very painful you may have a hard time thinking straight. Therefore, it’s smart to have a plan beforehand in the unfortunate event that you find yourself with a knocked-out tooth.

Call Your Time Dental Urgent Care and we’ll talk you through what to do

At Your Time Dental Urgent Care, we specialize in dental traumas. We provide urgent care dental treatment for injuries such as a knocked-out tooth. In other words, we are your Gibsonton emergency room for dental traumas.

Can my dentist save a knocked-out tooth?

The simple answer to the question, “If my tooth gets knocked out, can a dentist put it back in?” is yes…possibly. A tooth can be put back in its socket if the conditions are favorable.

However, sometimes the more viable option after knocking out a tooth is replacing it with an artificial tooth. Your urgent care dentist will know whether to try to re-insert the tooth or not.

What you should know about getting to the dentist with a knocked-out tooth:

  • The safest way to bring the tooth is by safely and cleanly holding it in its place in the mouth with a napkin until you get to Your Time Dental Urgent Care.
  • If your child knocks their tooth out, clean it off gently, taking care not to strip off any tissue that is attached. If the child is so young that they might mistakenly swallow the tooth, put it in milk. The child can also spit in a cup and you can put the tooth in the saliva. (We know it’s gross, but it’s best for the tooth.)
  • We may be able to “splint” or temporarily attach the re-inserted tooth to the adjacent teeth to stabilize it while it is healing. When it has re-integrated, we will remove the splint.

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Tooth Problem? Time is of the Essence.

urgent dental clinic Gibsonton

Dental emergencies span the urgency spectrum from “Get me to an urgent care dentist now!” to “This toothache can wait until the Monday if I take enough Advil” to “I will fix that chipped tooth when I get dental insurance.”

It’s vital to understand, however, that just because a tooth problem can wait until next week, it doesn’t mean you should delay it for months.

A cautionary tale of a patient who delayed treatment for a cracked tooth

We’ll call her Diane. Diane chipped a tooth while trying to crack a shelled almond with her teeth. (Not recommended, for obvious reasons.) The tooth didn’t hurt so Diane didn’t make an appointment to get it corrected. She planned to have it looked at. But because she had a good measure of apprehension about dental treatment, she kept postponing making an appointment. It didn’t show when she looked in the mirror and she eventually forgot about it.

What you don’t know about CAN hurt you

As the months went by, a cavity formed down in the crack. It slowly and steadily drilled through the enamel. One day–bam!-it made it to the root.

This is where the nerves are located so Diane was rapidly and painfully reminded of the crack. Unfortunately, at this point, a root canal was the only treatment option.

What if Diane would have taken care of the crack right after it happened?

She could have gotten an inexpensive white filling in one visit at Your Time Dental Urgent Care. Modern white fillings are strong and inconspicuous. A minimally invasive filling at Your Time Dental Urgent Care leaves you with more of nature’s prime dental material—your own enamel and dentin. We can also replace old amalgam fillings with white fillings. This makes your teeth look a lot better every time you open your mouth.

If you have a crack or chip in a tooth, let’s talk about possible restoration procedures. Don’t wait another day.

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If Only I Had Taken Care Of My Teeth…

caring dentist Gibsonton

Brush. Floss. Get regular checkups. Get prompt attention when you have a dental emergency.

It sounds simple, but it’s vitally important if you want to keep your teeth healthy.

How many times have you said, ‘If only!’ ‘If only I had changed my oil,’ ‘If only I had stayed in college,’ ‘If only I had worn sunscreen.’

We hope you don’t ever say, ‘If only I had taken care of that tooth problem!’

Perhaps you cracked a tooth a while back. Maybe an old filling fell out.

At Your Time Dental Urgent Care, we are enthusiastic about helping patients establish and maintain dental health. We help all of our patients feel relaxed and comfortable in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere.

We have treated countless Gibsonton area patients who avoided the dentist in years past but have recommitted themselves to healthy oral habits. We can promise you that your overall physical health and happiness will be enhanced if you start taking care of your teeth today.

We have a comprehensive menu of effective treatments for any dental dilemmas you currently have: decay, stained teeth, cracked teeth, gum disease, broken crowns, old unsightly fillings, and even missing teeth.

Professional dental treatment is a key investment in your most precious possession—your health.

If you are worried about the cost of dental treatment, speak with us about financing. If you need extensive dental work, we can design a treatment plan to get the work done over time and schedule it to fit your budget.

Whatever concerns have kept you from seeing a dentist—fear, finances, or the fact that you are just too busy—we hope you will recommit to your smile. We are here to help.

We make patients feel comfortable


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Unexplained Pain and Swelling in Your Mouth?

swollen gums treatment Gibsonton

Some dental problems need prompt attention–a knocked-out tooth, for example. Other times, it’s not exactly clear if the condition is a dental emergency.

Is unexplained pain or swelling a dental emergency?

Such is the case with painful swelling in the gums. Should you ignore it? Will it go away?

Let’s review the possible causes of swollen gums.

It might be due to gingivitis.

Gingivitis can result in swollen gums. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease. If your swollen gums are caused by gingivitis, they may bleed easily. If this oral ailment is not treated it can lead to periodontitis. With this condition, your gums become loose and separate from the teeth. If plaque builds up in the pockets, the gums can start loosening. It eventually becomes infected. The infection can spread to the bone supporting the tooth.

If you let gum disease go untreated, you can lose teeth that are cavity-free!

The progression of gingivitis to tooth loss goes like this:

  1. Plaque build-up irritates gums
  2. Irritated gums recede from the tooth
  3. Bacteria multiply in the spaces between the gum and tooth
  4. The bone holding the tooth is eaten by the bacteria
  5. Say goodbye to the tooth

What if the swelling is not due to gingivitis?

Allergies, infections, and the common cold can irritate gums. When sinus tissues become swollen and infected, it can impact the teeth and gums.

Is a mouth sore causing the swelling?

A mouth sore can cause swelling and pain. Mouth sores have various causes including an infection or virus. White patches in the mouth can indicate thrush (an oral yeast infection). All of these conditions can be addressed—but you need to see your dentist. An urgent care dentist is a great choice for a painful mouth sore because they have extended hours. Some offer weekend appointments.

It could be an abscess.

Swollen gums can also be caused by an abscess. An abscess is an infected pocket of pus in a tooth and/or the surrounding bone and tissue. The most common type of oral abscess initiates in the pulp of the tooth and is commonly caused by tooth decay. If left untreated, this can actually destroy the bone around the tooth and cause serious discomfort.

Are these problems considered dental emergencies?

Early-stage gingivitis is not a dental emergency. A mouth sore may or may not be a dental emergency. A tooth abscess most definitely is a dental emergency.

Regardless of the issue, at Your Time Dental Urgent Care, we can treat all of these conditions at your convenience. Give us a call.

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3 Ways Mouthguards Prevent Kids’ Sports Injuries

sports mouthguards for kids

At Your Time Dental Urgent Care, we treat dental emergencies caused by sports injuries. These include knocked-out teeth, broken teeth, and mouth lacerations.

Many of these injuries could have been prevented (or rendered less severe) with the proper protective gear.

All athletes who participate in contact sports are at risk of injuries to their mouths and teeth. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or a 6-year-old playing youth soccer.

When it comes to protecting your mouth, a protective mouthguard is a vital piece of athletic gear that should be used from an early age.

What age group has the most injuries?

8- to 12-year-old kids who participate in basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, rugby, football, and lacrosse are typically most affected by lost or damaged teeth. But even those that participate in non-contact sports like skateboarding, mountain biking, or climbing can benefit from wearing a protective mouthguard.

Mouthguards are made of strong, flexible materials that are designed to protect your teeth, gum, and jaw in case of an impact. A mouthguard forms a protective layer between your teeth and the point of impact. The following are three critical ways a mouthguard can safeguard you while playing sports.

Absorb Force

Any impact to the face or jaw involves force or energy. A mouthguard absorbs some of the energy, ensuring that the potential harm caused by the impact is limited. The cushioning effect of a mouthguard can prevent your teeth from being slammed together. By absorbing force, mouthguards can also help prohibit jaw fractures and neck trauma.

Prevent Broken Teeth

Another benefit of using a mouthguard is that it disperses the energy directed at the teeth. For example, if you are hit in the mouth with a hockey stick, the mouthguard spreads out the energy that accompanies the impact. This can prevent broken teeth by minimizing the likelihood that a single tooth will take the complete brunt of the force.

Avoid Lip and Tongue Injuries

Mouthguards cover the upper teeth entirely. This creates a functional barrier between your teeth and the rest of your mouth. This decreases the chance of lip and tongue injuries by making it more difficult for your teeth to cut your lip or your tongue.

With a customized mouthguard, you will make sure you get an effective and comfortable fit. It makes playing sports safer for your smile.

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A Root Canal Doesn’t Just Save a Tooth

urgent dental clinic Gibsonton

Do you have an aching tooth? Does it hurt to bite down? Does it throb and keep you up at night?

Don’t give up on it just yet

When a patient comes into Your Time Dental Urgent Care with long-time toothache, they are often desperate. “Just pull it!” They don’t want to withstand the pain any longer. They have written off the tooth and have recognized the reality that they will lose it.

Extraction isn’t the only option

When a tooth starts aching, we are reminded that there a nerves deep down in each tooth. When you feel pain, you know that something is wrong.

Veins, arteries, lymph vessels, and nerves live below the enamel and dentin in the pulp of the tooth. When the blood flow is diminished or cut off, the tooth eventually dies. Injury, trauma, or infection can cause this.

When the pulp of the tooth can’t be saved, there are generally two options; extraction or a root canal.

What is a root canal?

During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp of the tooth are removed. Once the roots are cleaned out and widened, they are filled with a special rubber material.

The root canal procedure is only the first step in the complete tooth restoration. The final steps are the core build-up and crown, which is the part you see above the gum line.

Why not just pull the tooth?

Now we will answer the question posed in the title. Even when a tooth is dead, the fact that the tooth is embedded in the jaw bone serves a purpose. Normal mouth function stimulates the jaw bone. When you talk, eat, and otherwise move your jaw, the tooth root puts pressure on the jaw bone. This helps keep the jaw bone healthy.

When a tooth is removed, the bone shrinks and recedes. As if it knows it isn’t needed at the site anymore. Jaw bone recession eventually alters the shape of the face. Multiple extractions cause a “sunk-in” look. If you’ve ever met a person that has had no teeth for many years, it may appear that their upper face and lower jaw are closing in together. This is because their jaw bone has receded and shrunk.

If you have a painful tooth, come see us at Your Time Dental Urgent Care. Root canal therapy may be a good option to end the pain and preserve the shape of your face.


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