Why You Shouldn’t Dread Going To The Dentist

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Do you have a dental issue that needs attention?

Have you been putting off a dental visit?

Good news! Dentistry in the Gibsonton area and around Florida is nothing like it was when you were a kid. (Even if you’re still a kid, we invite you to keep reading.)

There Is No Reason to Avoid Dental Visits

First off, if you need dental treatment, oral sedation dentistry allows you to sleep during the procedure. There are several levels of sedation–you can remain conscious or take a trip to la-la land.

Schedule a consultation with Drs. Richard Kernagis for more important information about sleep dentistry.

If you have a bad memory of hurting for days after a procedure, relax. Improved painkillers, lasers, and advanced techniques have reduced the pain experienced by Your Time Dental Urgent Care patients. If you need extensive treatment, we will create a pain management plan to ensure that you remain comfortable.

You Won’t Be Here All Day

We can perform procedures much quicker with today’s extremely precise dental instruments. Healing times for oral surgery are also much shorter.

You don’t have to live with gaps in your smile, sore gums, stained teeth, or a toothache. We can take care of all your dental issues. We will help restore your oral health to improve your quality of life and prevent dental issues from affecting other parts of your body.

Today’s dentistry is not your father’s dentistry. We invite you to discover why you shouldn’t avoid the dentist any longer.

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Not Your Mother’s Jewelry: 5 Reasons Tongue Piercings Are Dangerous

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Let’s get right to it; while tongue, cheek, and lip piercings are “so in” right now, here’s five reasons to keep piercings where they belong—in your ears:

  1. Excessive drooling—YIKES!
  2. Chipped teeth
  3. Infection (some even in places you wouldn’t think can get infected)
  4. Hypersensitivity to metal
  5. Nerve damage


Lip and tongue piercings may make you look cool and edgy. They may express your personality and creativity. But they can cause frequent drooling. That may not be the look you’re going for.

Broken Teeth

Another important reason to keep piercings away from your mouth, lips, and tongue, is because having any metal in your mouth can chip your teeth. This can happen while eating, drinking, or sleeping. Or even while playing with said piercing.

Do you already have a tooth that’s damaged? Take care of these cracks before the whole tooth is in danger.

Small chips in a tooth can be filled, or crowned. But often patients with piercings come in with more serious issues. These may require a root canal or tooth extraction.


Beware of infection. When it comes to oral piercings, you have to really watch the pierced area. Your mouth is a bacterial zoo, so to speak. Upon piercing anything in your mouth, the bacteria can enter your bloodstream. Neglecting appropriate brushing habits can lead to infection. As well as touching the piercing with dirty hands.

Hypersensitivity or Allergic Reaction to Metal

Many people love body jewelry. But too much of a good thing (like metal) can be bad. Having metal piercings can lead to hypersensitivity to any metal in your mouth, such as silverware. This is problematic for most individuals. (Stock up on plastic utensils!)

There is also the risk of an allergic reaction at the piercing site. If you know of sensitivity to certain metals, you can get your piercing in a metal you aren’t allergic to. But you are still in jeopardy of the other hazards discussed here.

Nerve Damage

Finally, there’s the risk of permanent nerve damage. If the previous dangers don’t convince you, this one should. Experiencing a numb tongue is usually temporary. But in extreme cases, like if you can’t stop playing with the piercing, it can become permanent.

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Answers to 3 Critical Questions About Dental Emergencies

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A dental emergency is any scenario in which damage to the teeth occurs and the patient needs urgent care. While a dental emergency may have never happened to you, it could happen in the future.

Urgent dental care is an aid for tooth/mouth related situations. Some things are too serious to wait for an appointment. How do you know if you need to call for help? Who do you call? How can you be prepared?

Some common questions individuals may have in a dental emergency:

  • “Is this serious enough, can’t we treat it at home for now?”
  • “Should I call 911?”
  • “How can I help in the moment?”

How to know if it is a dental emergency and when to seek help

If you are experiencing any of the following, call Your Time Dental Urgent Care:

  • Tooth breakage/loss/looseness
  • Smell of infection
  • An abscess with pus
  • Unexplained mouth pain
  • Persistent bleeding of the mouth

The wrong qualifications: Should I call 911 for a dental emergency?

If you suspect you are dealing with a potential dental emergency, stay calm. In the heat of the moment, a person’s instinct may jump to calling 911. However, emergency authorities and dentists would encourage you to refrain.

Dental emergencies are serious. There are urgent care dental offices for dental-related situations. If you need treatment, an urgent care dentist is a person for the job. Act fast and responsibly.

Calling 911 may ultimately waste your time in getting the help you need. The police cannot help in dental matters (they are not licensed). And paramedics are not urgent care dentists. They can help if you have a non-dental medical emergency, but not if it is a dental-specific occurrence.

Don’t panic!

What should you do instead?

Instead, call Your Time Dental Urgent Care. We will help you over the phone. We can talk you through your situation to identify and diagnose the problem. No prior appointment needed. We will identify the best course of action and set up a time for you to come in for treatment.

Your Time Dental Urgent Care is here for you when you have a dental emergency

When it comes to your smile, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Obtaining immediate assistance is the first step in helping the situation. When you call Your Time Dental Urgent Care, a dental professional will recommend you over the phone. Do not hesitate. The consequences of untreated emergencies can leave permanent damage. Some serious dental infections can even threaten your life if not treated.

Our contact information is below. Save our number in your phone contacts so you will be prepared in the unfortunate event that you suffer a dental emergency.

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When to Go to Urgent Care for Jaw Pain

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Jaw pain can be caused by a variety of dental problems. Oftentimes, jaw pain can be treated with a simple pain reliever. However, if you experience jaw pain that does not get better or worsens with time, it is wise to consider consulting your dentist or doctor.

Drs. Kernagis at Your Time Dental Urgent Care is available to evaluate your jaw pain and help determine the cause.

Some prevalent causes of jaw pain are:

  • Frequent grinding of the teeth
  • Infections or injuries
  • Toothaches or tension headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Wisdom teeth or tooth decay
  • Dental abscesses 
  • Gum disease

When should I go to urgent care dental for jaw pain?

  • If the pain is too excruciating to handle
  • If the pain from the jaw spreads to anywhere else in the face or the neck or if it is challenging to move your mouth
  • If it’s challenging to eat, drink or swallow
  • If you develop a fever or swelling

Ways to treat jaw pain at home:

  • Hot and cold compresses
  • Pain relievers
  • Massaging the jaw
  • Trying to destress and relax

What happens when jaw pain is left untreated?

It can be harmful to leave jaw pain to subside on its own. You never know what exactly is causing your jaw pain, and leaving certain causes untreated can have consequences. For example, you may not know that you have an infection, tooth decay, or gum disease until you consult your dentist. Leaving any of these things untreated can lead to further pain and complications.

In most cases, jaw pain does not require immediate medical attention. However, it is good to know that if the pain persists, is too much to handle, or spreads to other areas of the body, that you can seek counsel from a professional. The cause may be something more urgent than a cavity or tooth grinding.


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Your Time Dental Urgent Care Performs Emergency Root Canals

Florida Dentist Calms Root Canal FearsAt Your Time Dental Urgent Care, we perform emergency root canals. Though this procedure strikes fear into the hearts of many people, they should be more afraid of not having a root canal.

What is a root canal?

When a tooth becomes badly infected or decayed, a qualified urgent care dentist can fix it. First, he/she cleans the inside of the tooth by removing the bacteria, soft tissue (called pulp), decayed nerve tissue, and any debris that may be causing the tooth infection from the inside of the tooth.

The dentist will then seal the tooth to prevent further decay and finish by applying a crown or filling. This is the process and purpose of a root canal. The process can be completed, typically, in one or two visits. In many cases, a root canal procedure is a better option than removing the infected tooth since it allows the patient to keep their natural tooth.

Are all teeth at risk?

Teeth that are more prone to requiring a root canal are cracked or chipped, have received repeated dental procedures, have been damaged by trauma to the face, or are suffering from deep tooth decay. Wearing a mouthguard can help prevent damage sustained to teeth and practicing good oral hygiene habits, such as daily flossing and brushing, coupled with regular dental visits, can reduce the possibility of needing a root canal.

Though a root canal can be intimidating or scary, educating yourself and talking to your dentist can relieve much of your anxiety. Root canals are often not painful, and for many men and women the pain of the infection experienced beforehand is worse than any pain that might be experienced during the procedure.

We make patients feel comfortable

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Chipped or Discolored Tooth? Dental Bonding May Be The Best Fix

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An urgent care dentist’s toolkit is filled with handy treatments for fixing all types of tooth problems. In the past few years, porcelain veneers and dental implants have received a lot of attention.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about an effective, yet relatively uncelebrated dental treatment that has been used successfully for decades. We’re talking about dental bonding.

The dental bonding procedure uses a resin material that is sturdy and natural looking. It is applied to the teeth while soft and putty-like, and then hardened (or cured) with a special light. The material bonds with the tooth and can then be shaped and polished.

Dentists use bonding to correct tooth problems caused by decay, chips, or cracks. Large spaces between healthy teeth can be filled with bonding material, and bonding can guard tooth roots if the gums have shrunk.

Discolored teeth can also be lightened with bonding. Since bonding material is easily molded, teeth can be lengthened or re-shaped to blend with the other teeth. Bonding is frequently used as part of a total cosmetic dental smile makeover.

If you live in the Gibsonton area and are searching for a fix for a chipped or broken tooth, please call our office at the number below.

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A Fresh Start After Losing A Tooth

Gibsonton Permanent Tooth Replacement Are you one of the many Gibsonton men and women who has had a tooth extracted?

If the tooth had been bothering you, it may have been a relief. Unless, of course, the tooth was in the front of your mouth and now the gaping hole shows every time you smile. Ignoring it is almost impossible because your tongue can’t leave the gap alone.

I’m Missing a Tooth. Now What?

Once the tooth has been removed, you have many critical decisions to make.

  • Do I want a dental bridge?
  • Is a dental bridge a permanent solution?
  • Do I want to damage two healthy teeth to anchor the bridge?
  • Should I select a partial denture?
  • What about bone loss?

A Better Restoration

What if you could have a fresh start? What if you could have a permanent, natural-looking tooth replacement that would restore your smile and retain the healthy bone and gum tissue around the tooth root? If you decide on a dental implant, you can.

A dental implant is a permanent replacement for all parts of the tooth. It is comprised of three parts: the titanium post, the abutment, and the restoration.

The Titanium Post
—Inserted directly into the jaw bone
—Extremely strong
—Titanium is unique in that it bonds with living bone tissue (also used in knee and hip replacement surgery)

The Abutment
—Can be made of gold, porcelain or titanium
—Permanently attached to the post (it will not slip and slide like dentures)

The Restoration (Crown)
—Usually made of porcelain fused to a metal alloy (PFM)
—Is made to match the color of surrounding teeth
—Will look as good or better than the tooth it replaced

Dental implant surgery is not an experimental treatment. The revolutionary materials and techniques have been tested and refined for several decades.

Additionally, it has been performed by Gibsonton dentists and prosthodontists for over thirty years.

We make patients feel comfortable.


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Can I Go To An Urgent Care Dental Office While I’m Pregnant?

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Experiencing any kind of emergency while pregnant can be scary. However, emergencies are sometimes inevitable and it is possible that a woman, while pregnant, might have to go into an urgent dental care practice to be treated.

If there is truly an emergency, it does not matter how far along a woman’s pregnancy is, she should go to urgent care. However, it is good to keep in mind that can potentially be riskier to perform emergency surgeries in the last trimester of a woman’s pregnancy.

There are a number of reasons pregnant women might need to go to an urgent care dental office for a dental emergency. Some instances that constitute a dental emergency include:

  • Knocked out or lost adult teeth
  • Severe tooth or mouth pain
  • Severe infections
  • Emergency root canals
  • Any instances involving excessive bleeding

Conditions that do not constitute a dental emergency include:

Dental complications that can be managed on one’s own should not require pregnant mothers to go to an emergency care dental practice. Additionally, any issues that require an X-ray should be avoided or postponed during pregnancy, unless it is required for the diagnosis and treatment. The main point is that it is okay to go to urgent care during any point in a woman’s pregnancy, however, the later a woman is in her pregnancy the more dangerous it becomes to perform surgeries and undergo certain treatments.

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What to Know About Going to Urgent Care Dental During COVID-19

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COVID-19 has resulted in a lot of changes in society and new rules especially when it comes to urgent care settings. Out of caution, anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 or exhibits symptoms is asked to stay out of urgent care if the problem can be treated through telemedicine.

If you or someone you know has a tooth-related emergency and needs to go to an emergency care dental practice, it is okay to do so, just be sure to exercise caution.

What you need to know:

  • Most, if not all, states require individuals to wear a mask in public settings such as at an urgent care dental office.
  • Some urgent care facilities may also require individuals to wear gloves or at least wash their hands upon arrival.
  • Upon arrival, people will be asked if they have been exposed to COVID-19 or have exhibited symptoms in the last 14 days.
  • If the answer to either of these questions is yes, patients will likely be turned away if their presenting issue is not urgent. If the medical problem requires urgent care, the healthcare provider will isolate the patient and ensure that those who treat the patient have Personal Protective Equipment and follow special procedures.

Urgent care is there for a reason, so use it if you experience a serious dental issue that needs attending to. Dr. Kernagis is available to treat dental emergencies at Your Time Dental Urgent Care. We have extended weekday hours and take weekend appointments. Rest assured that Your Time Dental Urgent Care in Gibsonton has stringent sanitation and infection control protocols.

What constitutes a dental trauma?

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • A cracked or broken tooth
  • Severe infections
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Severe pain
  • Life-threatening emergencies

The bottom line:

Accidents happen and dental emergencies will arise that need to be treated by a dentist. Don’t worry about going to an urgent care dental office if you have a dental trauma that needs to be addressed, just remember to wear a mask and wash or sanitize your hands before and after your visit. Additionally, if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or have been exhibiting symptoms, call before you arrive and the urgent care dental office will give you instructions.


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Urgent Care Dentists Extract Wisdom Teeth

when should you get your wisdom teeth removed? Gibsonton

At Your Time Dental Urgent Care, we offer general, emergency, and cosmetic dental services. One of these services is wisdom teeth removal. We have learned through the years that when it comes to wisdom teeth, there are many common myths. Let’s clear up the confusion.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars in the back of the mouth. It is frequently the case that there is not enough room in the mouth for wisdom teeth to develop correctly.

When is the right time to get your wisdom teeth removed?

First off, it is vital to have semiannual check-ups. This way, your dentist can establish the right time to remove them.

Common misconceptions about wisdom teeth:

1. Everyone has to get their wisdom teeth removed.

Some people’s mouths have enough space that the presence of wisdom teeth does not compromise the space necessary for the other teeth to exist and remain healthy.

2. Getting your wisdom teeth removed means your cheeks will be swollen for a long time.

There are new, advanced drugs that help keep swelling under control. Swelling in the face after getting wisdom teeth removed is normal, but should only last two to three days given the appropriate medication.

3. You should consume beverages through a straw following the procedure instead of normal foods because it will be hard to chew.

While it is recommended that you avoid solid or hard foods following getting your wisdom teeth removed, you should not consume your food through a straw. Drinking through a straw can lead to dry sockets.

4. By looking at an X-ray, your dentist can predict exactly when your wisdom teeth will come in.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict how quickly wisdom teeth will move or emerge.

5. All wisdom teeth will eventually erupt.

Some never poke through the gums.

6. Dry sockets after wisdom teeth removal are inevitable.

A small percentage of patients develop dry sockets.

What are dry sockets? 

A dry socket is a dental condition that can occur within a few days after having an adult tooth removed. A dry socket is when nerves or bone are exposed rather than a blood clot forming over the site of a tooth that was removed. It can result in great pain and can be treated with painkillers and by flushing out the exposed area.

To recap:

More often than not, wisdom teeth will need to be removed because there is not enough space in the mouth for them to develop normally. Most individuals go under anesthesia to get their wisdom teeth pulled, and do not see any side effects after the procedure beyond swelling and pain for two to three days. However, dry sockets may take place if proper care is not taken following the procedure. Wisdom teeth often erupt in the late teens or early twenties. Some people need their wisdom teeth taken out even if they don’t erupt. Wisdom teeth removal is a safe procedure and there are generally few complications.

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