If My Tooth Gets Knocked Out, Can A Dentist Put It Back In?

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Accidents happen, and sometimes teeth get knocked out. Unlike other types of injuries–say a cut or a broken bone–a knocked out tooth doesn’t heal on its own.

Urgent care medical clinic or hospital emergency department? Neither.

If your tooth gets knocked out, your first thought may be to race to an urgent care medical clinic. Or you might go straight to a hospital ER.

If you go to the emergency department at any Florida hospital, you probably won’t find an oral surgeon. We are not aware of any Tampa area hospitals that keep an oral surgeon on staff. The same goes for urgent care medical clinics in the area.

Since it can be very painful you may have a hard time thinking straight. Therefore, it’s smart to have a plan beforehand in the unfortunate event that you find yourself with a knocked-out tooth.

Call Your Time Dental Urgent Care and we’ll talk you through what to do

At Your Time Dental Urgent Care, we specialize in dental traumas. We provide urgent care dental treatment for injuries such as a knocked-out tooth. In other words, we are your Gibsonton emergency room for dental traumas.

Can my dentist save a knocked-out tooth?

The simple answer to the question, “If my tooth gets knocked out, can a dentist put it back in?” is yes…possibly. A tooth can be put back in its socket if the conditions are favorable.

However, sometimes the more viable option after knocking out a tooth is replacing it with an artificial tooth. Your urgent care dentist will know whether to try to re-insert the tooth or not.

What you should know about getting to the dentist with a knocked-out tooth:

  • The safest way to bring the tooth is by safely and cleanly holding it in its place in the mouth with a napkin until you get to Your Time Dental Urgent Care.
  • If your child knocks their tooth out, clean it off gently, taking care not to strip off any tissue that is attached. If the child is so young that they might mistakenly swallow the tooth, put it in milk. The child can also spit in a cup and you can put the tooth in the saliva. (We know it’s gross, but it’s best for the tooth.)
  • We may be able to “splint” or temporarily attach the re-inserted tooth to the adjacent teeth to stabilize it while it is healing. When it has re-integrated, we will remove the splint.

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