Tooth Problem? Time is of the Essence.

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Dental emergencies span the urgency spectrum from “Get me to an urgent care dentist now!” to “This toothache can wait until the Monday if I take enough Advil” to “I will fix that chipped tooth when I get dental insurance.”

It’s vital to understand, however, that just because a tooth problem can wait until next week, it doesn’t mean you should delay it for months.

A cautionary tale of a patient who delayed treatment for a cracked tooth

We’ll call her Diane. Diane chipped a tooth while trying to crack a shelled almond with her teeth. (Not recommended, for obvious reasons.) The tooth didn’t hurt so Diane didn’t make an appointment to get it corrected. She planned to have it looked at. But because she had a good measure of apprehension about dental treatment, she kept postponing making an appointment. It didn’t show when she looked in the mirror and she eventually forgot about it.

What you don’t know about CAN hurt you

As the months went by, a cavity formed down in the crack. It slowly and steadily drilled through the enamel. One day–bam!-it made it to the root.

This is where the nerves are located so Diane was rapidly and painfully reminded of the crack. Unfortunately, at this point, a root canal was the only treatment option.

What if Diane would have taken care of the crack right after it happened?

She could have gotten an inexpensive white filling in one visit at Your Time Dental Urgent Care. Modern white fillings are strong and inconspicuous. A minimally invasive filling at Your Time Dental Urgent Care leaves you with more of nature’s prime dental material—your own enamel and dentin. We can also replace old amalgam fillings with white fillings. This makes your teeth look a lot better every time you open your mouth.

If you have a crack or chip in a tooth, let’s talk about possible restoration procedures. Don’t wait another day.

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