We’ll Fix Your Cracked Tooth. Prevent the Next One.

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You’re munching popcorn at the movies and bite down on an unpopped kernel. You hear a noise that makes your toes curl.


You’ve cracked a tooth.

Nobody wants the pain and inconvenience of a cracked tooth.

Your Time Dental Urgent Care is here after-hours and on weekends to repair a chipped or cracked tooth. We can fabricate a custom crown in one visit with our state-of-the-art CEREC system.

Why is it important to fix a cracked tooth immediately?

  1. When the enamel is compromised, the tooth is more susceptible to decay.
  2. You may start chewing differently and experience head or jaw aches.
  3. The tooth may be so week it’s vulnerable to further damage.
  4. The damaged tooth may damage adjacent or opposing teeth.
  5. Your tongue won’t leave it alone and it will drive you crazy.

Have you been living with a cracked tooth for a while now? Schedule an appointment and we will fix it for you. We have extended hours to accommodate your schedule.

Don’t Chew Hard Things!

Now, let’s focus on how to avoid this preventable problem.

Steer clear of chewing on hard things if you don’t want a cracked tooth! This includes ice, hard candy, and (sorry cinephiles) popcorn. Be careful with pitted fruits. In fact, be careful with fruit that has supposedly had the pit removed. Sometimes a small hard pit fragment remains.

Chew beef jerky carefully or avoid it altogether. (It’s unreasonably expensive anyway.)

Wear Sports Mouthguards

Protect your smile against any impact on the mouth that could be experienced during sporting events. If you are a member of a local Apollo Beach or Fishhawk rec center basketball, ultimate frisbee, or flag football league, pick up a mouth guard at any Tampa area sporting goods store.

Better yet, talk to us about a custom mouthguard.

Have Tooth Grinding Treated

Tooth grinding is never a good thing, and it can even lead to a cracked tooth or temporomandibular conditions. Talk to your dentist, doctor, or physical therapist and try some stress reduction techniques to keep your jaw nice and relaxed.

Have Regular Dental Checkups

Be sure to keep your regular checkups with your Gibsonton dentist. He/she can spot possible problems that could predispose you to a cracked tooth such as an uneven chewing surface or brittle teeth. Your dentist will check for enamel erosion and damage to existing restorations

If you have a cracked tooth, you’ll want to pursue the correct course of treatment and, if needed, explore some cosmetic dentistry procedures. In addition to urgent care dental services, we provide veneers, the aforementioned CEREC crowns, and dental implants.


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