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It’s good to know that the hospital emergency department is open on evenings and weekends. If you have a medical emergency, there’s a team at the E.R. ready to help.

It’s also reassuring to know that Your Time Dental Urgent Care is here for you. If you have an urgent dental problem in the evening or on the weekend, the team at Your Time Dental Urgent Care in Gibsonton will take care of you.

What kind of treatment does an urgent care dental practice provide?

Take a look at our service pages to learn more about what Your Time Dental can do for you.

What Mouth Injuries Require a Medical Hospital E.R.?

For some injuries to the mouth, you should see a medical doctor first. When the primary injury is treated, you may need to see your dentist for tooth restoration.

Visit the E.R. for the following:

  • swelling in the mouth or throat that is obstructing breathing
  • extreme jaw pain when there is a possibility of jaw fracture
  • lacerations in the mouth that are causing severe bleeding

If you go to the E.R. for severe tooth pain, a medical doctor can give you pain medication and/or antibiotics if needed.  In the E.R., an MD can’t perform a root canal or place a dental crown. There is some overlap when it comes to the training medical doctors and dentists receive. Either specialist could sew up a laceration in the mouth. But, in general, medical doctors don’t learn dentistry.

Even if you get pain drugs or antibiotics, you will still need to see a dentist to fix the problem with the tooth. You’re just delaying treatment that you will need from a dentist.

If you come to Your Time Dental Urgent Care with extreme tooth pain, you can also get pain meds and antibiotics if needed. Your dentist will also treat the source of the pain or infection, which should resolve your issues. Call us for your dental emergencies.


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